Auracle Public Beta released!

Yep, our new control software Auracle is finally here... Please note the following important things:

  1. This is a beta version! We know it has some issues, but it should operate correctly for most users most of the time. But use it at your own risk!
  2. Auracle works completely differently than our older iConfig software. Several complex features that power users my need in iConfig are not yet supported in Auracle. If you find you need these features, stick with iConfig for now.
  3. Because of the way that Auracle works, it WILL blow away your current settings. So if in doubt, save your setup to disk using iConfig before using Auracle!
  4. Do read the READ ME file that comes with Auracle, it contains very important information that you will need. This is really important, so don't skip it.
So, with that all out of the way, here's the link:



  • Hello Rodney, is there a video somewhere that shows us Auracle's GUI and what it can do / can't do? Can it save/load setup-presets? Is there a mixer page? Midi-messages filtering? Etc.?
    I'm very curious to try out Auracle, but I don't want to change my 'winning team' (iCA4+ with firmware 1.0.8 and iConfig 4.2.5 on a Windows 7 (64) PC and an iPad Pro 10.5 with IOS 11) too quickly....
    Thank you and congrats with this beta!
  • Not yet, but we will try to get something made for people to look at.
  • edited November 2017
    I'm just walking around Auracle's functions and found a bigger bug (i'm on a ICM4 with a mac, having connected my iPadMini2 (11.1.2) in USB1 and my MacMini (10.12.6) in USB2): after using the Setup Wizard and selecting USB2 as my main DAW, i see my connected MIDI controllers with their corresponding Transmit/Receive configurations, all as i had left and saved it in iConfig before.

    On the "Controller Direct Routing" page, i try to customize the settings by de-selecting some destination devices "Receive" port, but each time i switch to different controllers all checkboxesc for all controller in/outs are checked again - even if i disconnect them via the "disconnect all" dialog:-(  I had deleted and reloaded the ICM icon in AudioMIDISetup as described, i also removed and re-installed Auracle, but no change.

    Reconfiguring my devices with only one (of four recognized) as a Receiver and three as Transmitters show me only one destination device, but that's not what i want for my setup.

  • OK, thanks for that report, we will check it out!
  • I couldn't get the instal to finish (Win10), using administrator mode. Even turned firewall off, error message says, "Internal error: failed to expand shell folder cojnstant "userdocs".
  • Question: If i want to go on working with the iConfig app, do i have to completely remove/de-install Auracle to reload a saved iConfig preset again?? I was getting mysterious problems using both one after the other, all seems ok in iConfig but no indicator leds's are blinking and no MIDI data was transferred between connected controllers and my DAW. After i de-installed Auracle and rebooted my Mac, ICM4 got back to work again.
  •  If i want to go on working with the iConfig app, do i have to completely remove/de-install Auracle to reload a saved iConfig preset again??

    No, that shouldn't make any difference. That's very confusing...
  • I couldn't get the instal to finish (Win10), using administrator mode. Even turned firewall off, error message says, "Internal error: failed to expand shell folder cojnstant "userdocs".

     That's odd, we have tested it on dozens of Windows 10 systems and never seen that before. We will recheck. Thanks for reporting that!
  • Any idea what that could mean? Could my security/privacy settings have something to do with that?
  • Easy installation on win10 without a problem, everything worked ok. But as Rodney said, Auracle lacks lots of functionality, so I had to go back to iConfig (no problem here also) and delve into the routing matrix again.
  • IAC4+ and tested Audio Mixer at Auracle.

    As a lot of people mentioned here, Auracle by now is only useful for those who couldn't make the device work at the basics. I gently ask to iConnectivity team to not abandon Patchbay functions... I understand that's good a "first behavior" to be as Auracle is right now, but it's anti-pro quit the greatness of iConnectivity (wich is the connectivity :D )

    Some issues I found with my setup (iPad USB1, MPB USB2 {DAW}, right now watching ESPN with my iPad)

    1 - Didn't found a way to turn my iPad volume down inside Auracle besides turning the Analog Out down.

    2 - My MPB is set as DAW for Auracle, but just selecting between USB1 and USB2 result in a dB variation.

    3 - if I play with DAW Monitor knob I notice dB difference in my iPad signal.

    4 - There's a dB difference with Direct Monitor Destination ON/OFF that I didn't get. When the DAW Monitor mix knob is at +6, we hear that dB difference that I didn't get why should exist by now (since the DAW is assigned to channels 1&2). Found a bit confusing... shouldn't be better the Monitor goes up to 0dB?!

    About MIDI, I didn't tested it's routing, but I noticed that the 4 ports of my MPK249 only appears as MPK249. And I did the procedure Auracle suggests.


    That's my first impression. Not amazed until now and going back to iConfig. 

  • I'm afraid to even try this.  I have a pretty complicated setup Ableton/iPad with Audio4+, mio4 and mio10, and I route various plugins to separate analog outs.  No patchbay, and plug and pray sounds like it's the wrong approach for prosumer and professional setups.

    I'll refrain from too much judgement, as it's nice to see our concerns addressed, but I fear you are taking an approach that was counter to what I was hoping for.  

    I was hoping for a re-tooled iConfig that allowed for proper labeling of devices (DIN,USB2, HST1, makes zero sense inside my DAW) and a workflow that wasn't designed by a NASA engineer on LSD.

  • I very much agree with @northerntao; I also hoped for a better iConfig with labeling of devices, undo/redo-buttons for the patchbay (and only-patchbay presets), a flawless general preset-management, a more understandable (and better designed) mixer, and an option to show/hide ports/devices (I don't use the HST2 - HST7 ports, but they always show up as inputs on my iPad). 
    +1 for a better iConfig (for Mac, PC and IOS) for beginners and professionals!

    Nota bene: I'm using my iCA4+ with a Windows 7 (64) PC and an iPad Pro with IOS 11.2; iCA4+ firmware 1.0.8, Windows driver 2.29.0  and iConfig 4.2.5 and all works technically correct and so I'm very happy with my iCA4+ and what I can do with it. So obviously this is my 'winning softwareteam' and I'm afraid of updating/upgrading the iConnectivity software when I read about the problems people on this forum have with IOS 11, 'Device not found', etc..
  • labeling of devices

    This is done automatically for USB-MIDI devices in Auracle, and is planned for DIN-MIDI devices in a later version.

     a more understandable (and better designed) mixer

    That's already in Auracle.

     an option to show/hide ports/devices

    That's automatic for USB-MIDI devices in Auracle, planned for DIN-MIDI in a future version.

    +1 for a better iConfig (for Mac, PC and IOS) for beginners and professionals!

    That's what Auracle will be eventually. What you see currently is just the start of that process.

  • Auracle v0.8.3-222 testing report:
       0. tested connected to mio4, running on MS Windows 10.
       1. can't use it because the screen size is too large (for 1366x768 display) and cannot be scrolled or resized.
       2. crashed twice on Windows 10.0.16299 Build 16299.

    I hope that helps your developers; as for me I'll have to stick with iConfig.
  • We intend to have a solution for varying screen sizes in a future version. Sorry to hear about the crashing, we will investigate.
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