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Feature request on new devices : please add SPDIF AES/E and other means of getting digital audio in.

It appears none of your boxes have SPDIF or AES/EBU connections on them.

I own a HELIX and would prefer to keep my signal chain as devoid of unnecessary D-A and A-D conversion steps as possible. 

If your devices could act as full USB-A hosts ( like a computer ) then i could simply plug my HELIX USB cable into your box and send digital audio in that way. Failing that there are both AEB/EBU and SPDIF connectors on the back of my HELIX and I  can connect to any device digitally that way if the receiving device supports those digital comms standards. 

But currently the only option for wiring my HELIX into an iConnectivity box seems to be to plug either my 1/4" stereo analog outputs or stereo XLR outputs into the sockets on an iConnectivity box.  But  I would rather NOT do that since....

1 ) it involves an unnecessary D-A  and A-D conversion process  - where the original source data in my HELIX is purely digital. 

2 )   PLUS.... this involves an extra amount of latency - which i'd rather not have -due to this conversion process. 

There must be other music equipment out there too - which internally generate 100%  digital audio data - and - via USB or SPDIF or AES EBU - allow that digital audio stream to be passed on totally corruption-free.

So i'd definitely buy a box that either 

A )  had AES/EBU and SPDIF  inputs on ot

B ) had an USB A socket and internal circuitry/firmware that allowed the iConnectivity box to present itself to my HELIX - as a USB audio HOST - like a computer does. 

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