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2 ipads and a macbook walk into a iconnectaudio4+

Hi, I am working on a live set and I'm planning two use two ipad pros and a macbook running ableton 9.  The macbook would be the master in the setup feeding clock to both ipads, receiving audio from both, processing each feed and mixing it with its own audio channels and then sending the main mix out to analog 1-2 to the desk.

I only just got the IC4+ but it seems the way to achieve the above is; one ipad connected via USB jack, the macbook into the other USB jack and the 2nd ipad audio connected as a stereo paid into analog in 3 and 4, with sync coming from IC4+ midi out (I have a imidi rig 1 and 30pin/lightning adapter to make this connection).  

In the host port I'll connect a launch pad to control some of the ableton mixer's functions.

Is the above going to work?  



  • Sounds like it should, but it's definitely a bit of a hack... Good luck!
  • Hi Rodney, lol, yes, agreed.  I've decided to do this only using ipads, three of them.

    Two of them in the USB ports and the third one into analog in 3/4. I won't be using midi, just ableton link for sync (with an apple airport express dedicated to the local wifi)...

    Also planning to feed a hardware drum machine into analog one (Link to midi coming from iphone 4 and irig midi 1 into the drum machine midi in) and create a send in AUM from analog out 3 into a delay pedal and back into analog 2 for some dubby delays. 

    Is this less hack? lol.

     I'll let you know how that works out!!
  • Hi Rodney, I wanted to check something,  

    I currently have a Pro 12.9" (into port 1)  and a Pro 9.7" (into port 2, both 2016 models).  

    In my three ipads set up I was hoping to use another 12.9 pro.  

    Can this 2nd 12.9" pro be connected to port 2 (this way I get to control both 12.9 pros with a launchcontrol connected to the USB host port).  I noticed previously that my 12.9" pro when connected to port 1 loses charge when the device is off and is generally not charging (much).

    I know this all not very officially supported but what would suggest would be the best way to make sure that the 2 large Pros stay charged during a live gig while being wired into the ICA4+ USB port 2?

    The small ipad Pro will be feeding audio out into the front 3/4 inputs and getting sync from ableton Link so it is sort of standalone, its input being controlled and processed in AUM.

    Thanks for any tips!!

  • OK so in the meanwhile I went ahead have both 12.9 ipad pros plugged into the USB ports and they both charge and stay charged roughly the same.  Result.  

    The 9.7 pro works fine into the analog inputs with the other two inputs  hosting an electribe es1 and an Amdek PCK100
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