Where is iConfig for IOS gone?

Just received my new iConnect Audio 2+ which is the third iConnectivity
product I bought. I was already owning an iConnect Audio 4+ and an iConnect
Mio. Has iConfig for iPad disappeared?! That can't be true. Or am I missing something? How can I now configure the Audio 2+ on my iPad
when I dont have access to a PC ??


  • hello  I have app on my ipad but its not working my ges it need update i dont know whats going on
    with iconfig app cant fiend it any were?
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    Hey iConnectivity folks,

    Are we asking too much if we expect an answer at least? I mean, I bought THREE of your products trusting that they would work with my iPads only to find out that iConfig for IOS isn't available anymore. It just disappeared from the app store, no warning, no official statement, nothing. Not even an answer to my question.

    This sucks bigtime! Very disappointing. Next time I will take a closer look before I buy any iConnectivity product again and I will recommend the same to anybody else. 
  • I’d like to pose another request for an ios app. Just bought the iconnectaudio interface to be able to combine two ipads, and control of eg clock rate would be essential from within ios. Even when clock source is set to usb device in iconfig, i can’t seem to change the clock speed from within IOS (I get a message in AUM that samplerate is fixed externally). Hopefully someone can help with this. With an ios app this would be straightforward.
  • Check in the App Store now, it should be there.
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