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Is it Possible to get all 4 outputs of the Audio4+ plus the headphone output in Ableton Live?

Hi All,  

just bought the 4+ andread something that lead me to believe I could do this but I'm not sure how? WIll the headphone output appear as a choice in the output pulldown on a channel or is there a set up in Ableton's Preferences>Audio output config ?


  • to be more clear - my hope is to be able to take vox, keyboards, additional sounds and drums triggered from a pad out separated out of 1-4 outputs and then use the headphone output to send a master mix plus a click track. 
  • Yes, you can do this if you set it up in iConfig.
  • Yes, you can do this if you set it up in iConfig.
    Yes! I figured it out while the forum was down. That iconfig patchbay screen is tricky but when I realized you could do some routing from the mixer screen it all started to fall into place. 

    I also had an issue with the 4+. I think it was an open box or maybe had a firmware issue so I returned it for the 2+ which I am loving.  
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