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iconfig not finding device (iconnectmidi2+)

Hi I recently purchased the iconnectmidi2+ and have had some teething problems upon trying to get the unit to operate correctly.
So I've installed all relevant software. First of all I had an issue with the audio driver install. There was an note coming up in the dialog that the driver did not migrate over upon installation, which I think believe means a windows driver automatically substitutes a replacement - which is obviously unusable for this product. Upon uninstall/ reinstall of the driver the migration issue seems to have gone and all is well. I have then managed to create an aggregate device set up via ASIO4all and everything is talking. I opended my daw and the audio routing appeared corrected and I achieved audio pass thru - pretty straight forward. The system, device manager and even the little iconnectivity asio control panel are recognising the device however I cannot at all get into iconfig to be able to upgrade the firmware to be able to access oracle or access midi set up functions. The IOS iconfig app recognises the devices. So basically forst I need the device to talk to the software and I think eveything should be right from there. NB I've uninstalled/ reinstalled inconfig to no avail either. Cheers hopefully there is a fix as I've been unable to find one as of yet.

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