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iAudio2+ Audio input trouble

Hi there, I have some trouble with my iAudio2+ since I upgraded to FW 2.0. When I connect the device to my MacBook (Pro 2016 Model 13"), I can play back audio but my guitar is silent (using LogicPro with SGear2 plugin or SGear2 standalone). I found a "solution" to reactivate the input by starting Auracle, selecting USB2 (empty) on the device, then USB1 (which is connected to my Mac). Then I can hear and play guitar as usual. The issue is recurring time and again each time I disconnected the iAudio device and reconnect it. Any hints?


  • If you reset your interface to the Factory Defaults this should solve your problem. Let me know if it doesn't.
  • per my knowledge there's a separate FX version of FM8 (FM8 FX.dll) that's supposed to be used when FM8 is inserted as an effect. If one tries to insert the synth version (FM8.dll), it behaves the way you described, so that would be the first thing I'd check.
    You can use Plugin Manager to verify that the FM8 plugin you are inserting as an effect, really is "FM8 FX.dll" and has two audio inputs defined. If not, you could try rescanning the plugins.
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