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PA12 not transmitting MIDI

edited March 2018 in Audio

Just got a PA12. Got both A and B computers running Ableton connected and running test tone. Everything playback wise is okay.

I use an SPD-SX connected as a MIDI controller to play drum samples out of a drum rack in Ableton. When I connect it to the USB Host Jack, neither Ableton session receives MIDI at all. When I plug in an AKAI MPK Mini, both computers see MIDI immediately and function perfectly. When the SPD-SX is connected to the computer directly via USB, it transmits MIDI perfectly. The SPD-SX is transmitting on the same MIDI channel (1) as the AKAI. In iConfig under MIDI Info, when the AKAI is connected, it is identified under USB Host Jack 1. When the SPD-SX is connected, it is not recognized.

Can anyone help me figure out what could be happening between the SPD>PA12>Ableton sessions that could be preventing the Abletons from seeing MIDI?


  • Since the SPD-SX requires a USB driver for MacOS, this implies that it is sending messages that aren't standard MIDI. Our USB-MIDI Host port can't load that driver, so the SPD-SX can't be recognised.

  • Hey rodney, Is this ever going to be bridged or fixed?
  • It's not possible for us to fix this. Our USB-MIDI port can only handle devices that use class-compliant USB-MIDI functionality. The only way to get this working would be if Roland released an SPD update that was class-compliant. Which they probably won't ever do.
  • edited September 2018
    We recommend that SPD-SX users that want to use it as a controller with PlayAUDIO12 just pick up one of our MIDI interfaces to plug into either PlayAUDIO12's USB host port or ethernet port and then plug the SPD-SX into the MIDI interface. Even a simple mio 1x1 could work for this.
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