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connecting two ios devices to the ios port

I'm hopeful I can use a hub and connect both my ipad and iphone to the left most port on the front of my iconnectmidi2+ - port called Device port 1.

Is this possible? My midi clock app won't run in audiobus so I need to keep it in the forefront of the phone or it shuts off. This means the ipad will have to be the synth engine.



  • edited May 2015
    Hey tmixer,

    Each 'Device Jack' will support one computing device. You will not be able to use a hub to expand this support. The iConnectivity inline connection cable for iOS is also a cable with special electronics to support both our hardware and Apple's - so the only adaptor recommended for iOS connection is the Apple 30-pin to lightning adaptor (if you happen to have an iConnectivity 30-pin iOS connection cable).

    If you wanted to have three computing devices connected at once, you could check out the iConnectMIDI4+:
    (3 'Device Jacks')

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
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