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Extend distance between ICA2+ and iPad.. hub or other method?

I would like to extend the physical distance from my ICA2+ to an iPad connected to the ICA2+ "iPad" connector. Is it possible to interject a powered USB hub for this purpose, or must the iPad be directly connected?
(If it must be directly connected, for my own curiosity what's the technical reason?)

Any other tips or tricks for this goal, to get more than 10ft (max of most certified lightning cables) between the ICA2+ and iPad?

(Mine is a simple config, just the iPad generating audio & MIDI, using the ICA2+ for downstream analog audio and MIDI out. ICA2+ is powered, to maintain iPad charge. I'd prefer to keep the ICA2+ racked, so it's advantageous to increase the distance from the iPad on a mic stand to the rack.)


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