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iConnectAudio4+ > DI-Box needed?

Dear all, I am using the iConnectAudio4+ on stage (for backings, click and miditracks). My question: In the manual it is mentioned that the 4 analog outs are "balanced" out. Nevertheless, would you recommend a DI-Box for use of the interface on stage? Or is a DI-Box not needed anymore if I get a balanced signal from the interface?


  • You don't need a DI box, you can just use a stereo jack to XLR cable i your stage box only accepts XLR inputs. However a DI box may have the advantage of having a ground lift switch which can help reduce hum issues if they occur.

  • Do outputs accept 48V phantom power if erroneously switched from mixer?
    I always put DI box between mixer and balanced sources as soundcards and keyboards just to protect them.
  • Yeah, that's a good point. The PlayAUDIO12 is protected against phantom power overload, but other interfaces are not. Having said that, the latest version of the iConnectivityAUDIO4+ that we just started shipping does have the same phantom power protection that we developed for the PA12. But if you already have an older version it is NOT protected against phantom power surge.
  • Thanks for the heads up! Most manufacturers don't really tout this, but it is definitely worth including in marketing materials. Separately, is there a chance the 48V that the iConnectAudio4+ *provides* could fry attached synths, modules, etc. which are plugged into its front inputs? Developing a 'phantom power phobia'...! haha
  • That's possible if you aren't careful, but highly unlikely as it's only sent via XLR jacks - so if you plug in a synth with a normal jack cable then you should be fine.

    Note that unlike many other "leading brand" interfaces, ALL of the inputs on our interfaces supply a full 48v. Many of the other interfaces we have tested have trouble supplying 48v to even one of their inputs, and very few supply it correctly to multiple connections.
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