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Current iConnectAUDIO4+ Hardware Version?

Does anyone know what the current hardware version of the iConnectivityAUDIO4+ is? Is it “version 2.0”, or is that something yet to come out? I see “hardware version 2.0” referenced in the newest firmware changelog. Just hoping that if I order a unit, it’s the latest unit. Also curious what changes to the hardware may have occured. Thanks, Version: 2.0.2 Date: 2018-01-12 1. Added support for hardware version 2.0.


  • We have just released a new, slightly modified hardware revision. This version allows switchable Line/Instrument level on all 4 input jacks, and adds phantom power-safe outputs for live use, as well as a couple of other minor tweaks to the circuit board (mainly to take advantage of current chip supplies).

    The new versions are already shipping so most iCA4s in the stores now should already be the latest revision, or will be very shortly. If those first two changes are important to you then by all means wait a couple of weeks to make sure. Otherwise there's not a ton of difference.
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