Headless RTP-MIDI

Hey there!

Is there a way to get 2 devices that support RTP-MIDI to talk to each other without a computer in-line? At the moment I can get the Mio to talk to my Mac or my PC running RTP-MIDI but it won't connect to another device. In the iConfig software it says it can only have 1 connection per Ethernet MIDI port, so does that mean I can only have one RTP-MIDI device connected to the device at any time?


  • Currently you can run multiple interfaces at the same time via Ethernet as long as a computer is controlling the system. However you can't currently have an Ethernet MIDI network without a computer. Yet. This may well change in the future ;-)
  • Hi focusedlx,

    Indeed, I would like to do the same kind of configuration but it is not possible with Mio. I tested recently MidiGateway units from Cinara and it supports perfectly talking to each other without any PC hosts, also supporting multiple RTP-MIDI end-points per sesssion.

    Hoping it can help you...

  • I can't say too much right now but if you can wait a few weeks, we might have some interesting new software for you ;-)
  • All I'm saying is that Auracle 1.3 beta is scheduled for next week...
  • I'm still using iConfig over Auracle as I am using some really complex MIDI routing/filtering in my setup. But I'd like to use the improved/headless RTP-MIDI if possible. Can I do it without using Auracle? Or has Auracle 1.3 been fixed so that it can be used together with iConfig without the two changing each other's settings?
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