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ICA4+ Sounds freezes when playing ipad sounds with usb 88 keyboard live and also loosing connection

First, I've found that if you use a shorter A/B usb cable for firmware updates and connecting to the iconfig software with a laptop or ipad it will connect to iconfig after multiple unplugging and plugging the usb cable back in to do firmware updates, longer cables don't work or will not connect!
Second, I've had issues when playing my 88 note keyboard where the keyboard looses connection to the iconnect and I have to turn off the keyboard and turn it back on to get sound again which I had in a discussion about disconnects on this forum before. Did not get any kind of answer or resolution. Longer A/B usb cables disconnected more frequently than shorted A/B usb cables.
Third, what would I change in my AUM app on my ipad to stop the sound from freezing, would it be Sample Rate which is at 44100hz, Buffer Size which is at 1024 or turn high quality on or is there another setting somewhere that I can change to stop the sound from freezing, it only does it for a split second once in a while when playing a lot of notes.
Maybe the buffer fills up causing it.


  • USB has a very short limit for accurate transmission of real-time messages - which is unfortunately part of the way it was designed. See this KB article:

    I've had issues when playing my 88 note keyboard

    Which keyboard? Have you tried using DIN-MIDI instead of USB? Does the issue still exist?

    what would I change in my AUM app

    I have never used that app so I can't tell you right now. Anyone else use it and have any tips? We will try to have a test with it and see what we find out.
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    what would I change in my AUM app

    I have never used that app so I can't tell you right now. Anyone else use it and have any tips? We will try to have a test with it and see what we find out.

    Hi Rodney, I strongly suggest it's in your interest to install and use AUM. It's not a complete replacement for Audiobus, but the two work together really well. Nearly everyone now uses AUM to mix. The exceptions mostly use Auria or don’t need a mixer.

    Once again, it's also in your best interest to hang out at the Audiobus forum and the AUM forum, where you'll get direct knowledge of what your customers are needing to do with your products.

    AUM is genius-level software (i.e. the designer was very smart) and VERY easy to use. You'll learn heaps just by checking out what it can do. It's also very good at loading AU apps and has been rock solid for me since first installed ages ago.

    iOS moves fast. Your company's current problem seems to be a lack of sufficient resources to keep up and stay ahead of the game, especially when it comes to iOS updates.

    This makes your customers terrified about installing your updates and terrified to update iOS. On too many occasions over the years an iOS update has hobbled an iConnectivity product. That’s a real problem and the most frustrating part is it can almost be completely avoidable.

    I presume your developers are getting the iOS betas and releases before your customers, but it seems like they need to be conducting more extensive internal testing before your release.

    "NEVER AGAIN" should be your motto regarding pulling iConfig from the App Store.

    I’ve been in many digital beta teams over the past 30 years. When the team is good, it works very well.

    You might get better results if you have a modest (i.e. Large enough but not too large) group of customers who are knowledgeable power users on various platforms as beta testers. Once your guys think they've nailed it, give the external beta team a couple of weeks to find bugs before the release.

    I'm currently in the beta team for the TDR products. Easily the best team I've seen in a while, particularly due to the responsiveness from the developers. As a result, the TDR releases are pretty much perfect, except for occasional edge cases involving non-standard systems.

    Their products are also very elegantly designed. In my view TDR are contributing some of the best plugins available anywhere, at insanely affordable prices. Each app also has a free version which is only slightly less powerful that the paid versions.

    I use TDR plugins in every project.

    A big part of their success is the commitment TDR and their testers apply to the development process.

    Apart from the people testing the PLAY products, you need more testers who are out there in the wild west of live performers without a PLAY device, because but that's where stability AND compatibility are the ONLY criteria when choosing from the available options. Those testerds will find the bugs pronto.

    You’ve been in this game for quite a while, according to your info on the web (assuming you are THE Rodney Orpheus) so everything I’m suggesting will already be known by you. Sorry about that.,,,

    It’s hard for small companies such as iConnectivity offering unique products while spending big on patents, promo, development, manufacturing, shipping, wholesale and retail. All the unpleasant grind stuff has to be done, but you do need to improve your release timing and test more before releasing. Your normal customers won’t mind waiting for fully stable releases.

    Due to the complexities of iConfig to newcomers, some of your customers are often spending DAYS trying to figure what's wrong.

    Remember this: In the digital audio hardware & software world, instability is death, particularly nowadays due to social media. Simply, you cant win if you release unstable updates.

    BTW, I still love my iC products and use them daily. But I'm terrified of updates fromyour company and Apple.

    I shouldnt feel pressure to extend my visceral loathing of Apple to iConnectivity.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Well spoken, @Robertson_Caruso! I was also surprised that the moderator of this forum had never been introduced to AUM. AUM and Audiobus are the apps to make the most of the great possibilities that the iConnectivity products offer when it comes to software communication between iPad/iPhone and PC/Mac! And it is indeed too bad that no one of iConnectivity ever mixes with discussions about their products on the Audiobus forum.
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