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Bootloader mode - Purpose / How to

edited April 2018 in Software
Bootloader Mode is a mode with iConnectivity interfaces where they can receive firmware updates.

Benefits of using this mode?
1. Loading new firmware
2. Reloading firmware 
- If your computer is not noticing your interface is connected try putting the unit into bootloader mode and connect it through its firmware loading port (see below). This will cause the interface to be seen by the computer unless the device is having hardware issues.

How do I put my interface into Bootloader Mode?

1. in iConfig go to Device>Reset to Bootloader Mode

2. By using the button of knob on the front of your interface.
Button (mio & MIDI series) 

Knob (AUDIO series)

How to know if your interface is successfully in Bootloader Mode.
If you have an AUDIO interface it will be indicated with two yellow lights moving back and forth in the meter section of the touch panel on front of the unit.
If you have a mio or MIDI series device you will notice lights going back and forth between the two lights to the immediate right of the power light.

How did my device end up in bootloader mode?

The most likely reason is a firmware loading failed. This often happens if you are connected to a USB port that does not receive firmware on the interface you are using. 
For a list of which USB port receives firmware check this list.

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