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It would be nice if you could remap velocity to a MIDI CC in future versions of iConfig. Other parameters like Notes, Pitch Bend would be nice too but I think velocity to CC is a must have :wink:

Thank you so much in advance.


  • Yes, I second that. Mapping of aftertouch to CC would be nice too.
  • iConfig is now End of Life, so there won't be a future version. We will consider this request for a future version of Auracle though.
  • Bought a Mio10 earlier in the year. Its a good piece of kit. It's a shame to hear that iConfig has gone end of life. Auracle doesn't seem to have the breadth of functionality that iConfig has. If you've got a mio10 then the chances are you have some complex routing requirements and your current software isn't up to the task. When will Auracle be brought up to at least the same level as iConfig? I'd also like to see another layer of routing that iConfig doesn't support. I'd like to do things like if I play on channel 5 on this device route it to channel 1 on that device. If I play channel 4 then route it to a different device from the previous one.
  • It's a shame to hear that iConfig has gone end of life. Auracle doesn't seem to have the breadth of functionality that iConfig has.

    Yet. Auracle will be adding more functionality as time goes on. For most people Auracle already does everything they need - and very easily and simply. For everyone else, iConfig is still available and working. 
  • I like iConfig notwithstanding that it is missing a little bit of functionality that I would like to see. No real complaints at this point but it is a point of concern/unease to purchase a new device but have to use depreciated software because the new stuff doesn't contain all the same functionality with no real roadmap on when that functionality will be added or even if it will. It would certainly be useful to hear whether it is the intention to at least implement the same functionality as iConfig in Auracle.
  • If Rodney's comment applies to the iOS versions of iConfig as well, it doesn't appear likely that there will be a working configuration app on iPad and iPhone soon.
  • Our current roadmap is to release an updated version of Auracle each month, and add in extra features each time. We are hoping to have 1.2 in beta next week, which contains automatic online firmware updating.

    As regards versions for other platforms, that's on the roadmap too, but as always, we won't announce dates until we actually have something ready to go. I hate announcing stuff and then not delivering until months later.
  • rodney_iConnectivity It's nice to hear that there will be regular releases of Auracle. But you are still stopping short of saying whether the intention is to move all the functionality of iConfig across or not. That sort of clarity would be useful. I can appreciate you don't want to announce things and then not deliver but being vague on this issue isn't helpful either.
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    Yes, there is 'acceptably vague' and 'unnecessarily vague'. From a previous closed thread re Auracle it may be quite a while before we see anything Auracle for iOS and (for similar reasons) I suspect we wont know which bits make it from iConfig to Auracle.

    In this current situation, Rodney should be able to confirm some settings which will definitely NOT be ported. That would be useful info, but maybe competitively sensitive.

    I'm also pleased to learn Auracle is being built in a cross-platform framework which includes iOS. I'll have to add I'm yet to see that transition work smoothly, but "The Qt Company Ltd" are smart cookies.

  • Yes, we are using Qt for the front-end UI, and we use JUCE for the back-end engine.



    You are still not going to get any dates or a detailed roadmap out of me, no matter how hard you try though :-)

    I can say we are currently testing Auracle 1.21 for release early next week - that fixes the crash on startup bug some people were having, and improves some routing issues. 1.3 beta may be available next week too - and that has a completely new innovation that isn't in iConfig at all.
  • Hi Rodney
    Yes, I left out my views on JUCE, having, dealt with it many times as a beta tester since the '90s.
    That said, the JUCE developer seems to be quicker nowadays at fixing bugs, but some may never be fixed.
    I use all of the Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR) plugins built via JUCE and they are stable. But some desired features can't be achieved (yet?) "because JUCE". That's the frustration of third party software, which you are using for code and UI.This has advantages and disadvantages of which I'm sure you are aware.
    Onwards and upwards!
  • Hi Rodney

    I forgot to add: I accept your reasons from keeping silent, but have one caveat:

    When Apple releases an iOS update as it just has, can you please check ASAP if it breaks iConfig in any way on the various iDevices you guys run within iC?

    As in "OK, new iOS is being pumped out. Can we all make a point of testing this asap today?"

    Fair call?


  • We do check each iOS update as early as we can, and we aim to inform you guys if there are any issues found. If we say nothing that usually means that we haven't found any problems (yet).

    Yeah, after typing that I realise that isn't the best solution. We will try to inform you more often. Good call.

    And I second your vote for the TDR plugins, they are amazing.
  • Thanks - very much appreciated. For those of us who rely on iConfig on iPads at gigs, this is really helpful!  :)  :)
    Maybe you could start and announcement tread just for that purpose, perhaps with permissions for users to add comments reporting results different to your internal tests?  This is just for iConfig on iOS, until Auracle eventually reaches iOS.
  • If you ever want a good video for iC, look at the vids Dan does for TDR and FabFilter. The guy's a genius at making complexity simple and showing product usage in an easily understood, well edited manner. And his accent shows he's somewhere near your neck of the woods, unless you've moved countries.
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