Direct Monitoring

does anybody else use ableton and Connectivity. just purchased my audio2plus and wanted to get some help on direct monitoring can't figure out how  to get Auracle or Iconfig routing so I can hear my microphone. I have signal to everything but I can only hear DAW OUTPUT no microphone output. What am I missing ? 


  • It's in the Auracle User Guide:

    Using Direct Monitoring

    Auracle’s built-in patching enables quick and simple use of Direct Monitoring for zero-latency recording. For example, to enable Direct Monitoring to headphones:
    • Go to the Audio Mixing page
    • Click on the Direct Monitor route button on the far right, below the Headphone Output section
    • All input channels and the DAW stereo signal will now be directly routed to the headphones, and their loudness can be mixed using the line of knobs along the bottom of the page. This way you can easily mix between the level of your direct signal being recorded and the stereo backing track from your DAW.
    • To listen to your DAW without any direct signal, ensure that the Direct Monitor button is not pressed for that analog output.
    • To return to normal mix operation (for example when mixing a recorded track) ensure that all Direct Monitoring buttons are disabled.
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