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Tone switch over when song loading - PA12

Hi Guys,

Wondering if i’m the only person experiencing this.. I have PA12 and Ableton live running nicely together, redundancy works well using tone etc until I close a song and open another. When live shuts a song and opens another the PA12 switches to the backup scene as obviously it’s tone disappears momentarily when the song closes, but opening of a new song even with tone channel setup correctly and open does not flick the PA12 back to the A scene , only a manual switch will do this. If using live with a new set for each individual song this makes the redundancy feature less useful. Am I missing something here? Why doesn’t the scene switch back to A after a switch to B when tone is present, this is pretty essential in a live situation... I’m stuck in manual switching mode from a foot switch for now until I got a workaround ... any suggestions anyone?




  • The PA12 never automatically switches from B to A, to prevent accidental switching to a faulty system.

    How are you loading your songs into both computers at the same time?
  • I use special software that auto loads Ableton. It uses a program change message to work through a setlist of Live sets. The band I’m programming for like to keep songs individual and in arrangement mode. 
    Manual switch is OK but it would be nice to be able to flick back to A. I get that you might not want to flick back to a faulty system though... there are situations when you need both options really :)
  • I see what you mean. Instead of using the LifeSine plugin inside Ableton you could run a separate application and send a tone from that. The only drawback to that is that it won't be able to tell if Ableton crashes unless the whole computer audio system crashes too.
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