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setup failure

I have purchased a ConnectAUDIO 2-4 today. I downloaded Auracle and updated to the newest firmware.
But in the setup wizard it says I have multiple computing devices and it doesn't show them in the computing devices list (it shows only two tick bars). When I press setup devices: once again it doesn't show anything in midi device-transmits etc. The same goes with controller direct routing. No controller or destinations are shown.
In the System Preferences Sound menu it says there is no input or output control for my device.
Long story short; I have no controller software for my sound card. I have a macOS Sierra 10.12 btw
Please help!


  • The Connect Audio 2/4 doesn't require any control software, you only need Auracle to update the firmware. Once that's done you can control all of the functions of the CA2/4 just using the front panel of the interface itself.
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