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PA12 auto failover without crash

I am using a PlayAudio12 with two laptops for playback and multiple software midi instruments for live performances. The automatic failover is happening multiple times per set, switching me over to B rig at seemingly random times, even though nothing seems to be wrong with A rig - no crash or freeze.

Setup uses Ableton live 10 on two brand new 2018 MacBook pros, clean. CPU usage maxes out at around 35% when higher resource softsynths are engaged.

Using Lifesine on A rig, with its own audio track within the ableton set. There are no midi clips or anything that should interfere with lifesine, and no other audio hitting PA12’s output 13.

Also, unlike a previous poster, I am not closing and loading sets. The ableton set stays loaded, in session view, and I launch each song with its own scene. The failover is sometimes triggered right when I launch a scene, but sometimes also in the middle of a scene or even when the session is stopped with nothing playing! When it switches over, the A rig is still running fine and I can manually switch back to A easily.

Cables and connectors are all tested, tight and secure. Firmware up to date.

Is this perhaps caused by tiny CPU hiccups interrupting Lifesine? Should I increase buffer size? Maybe a faulty usb connector?

appreciate any ideas and suggestions, thanks


  • Is this perhaps caused by tiny CPU hiccups interrupting Lifesine?


    Maybe a faulty usb connector?


    Should I increase buffer size? 

    No. Contact support and we can send you our internal tool for resetting the failover timeout. That should get you working at least while you check everything else.
  • I am also having the same issue and it is happening with 2 different PlayAudio12 units.

    I just recently wiped both the band’s playback computers and started them fresh because they weren’t playing nice with the PlayAudio12. There were a lot of audio dropouts, reduncy not syncing up properly, lots of cracklinh and noise etc... On our old system with 2 MOTUs and an SW8 there were no audio issues at all, and when I tried to switch them over to the PA12 lots of crazy nasty things were happening. After pulling my hair out and trouble shooting absolutely EVERYTHING, I hooked up my own personal computer and amazingly had zero issues with the PA12, so I figured it best to just wipe the band’s playback computers completely and start them over fresh.

    I just finished overhauling both computers and I am happy to say that so far I am not having any of those audio drop outs, crackling or noise, but I am experiencing the random switchover without any failure of the computer or Ableton. All the songs are in one ableton session with markers to select the correct song, and sometimes when you go to a new song within the session and press play the failover switches to the B computer without any crash, tone track getting muted, or anything else going wrong. I have tried putting it on every type of track, MIDI, Audio, and even return to have it in Solo Safe mode, but alas it is still radomly switching over without anything going wrong with the session and I cannot figure out why.

    Again this is happening on 2 separate PA12 units because we bought a second one as a backup, and I have been trouble shooting with both.

    I have also tried multiple USB cables and both ports on the computers, and this still happens randomly.

    I am going to do some more trouble shooting with this issue by loading their session onto my personal laptop (which is the exact same model running the same OS and the same version of ableton) and see if I have any issues, or can recreate this problem.

    I had just built the exact same playback rig for another band that worked flawlessly and I am at a loss as to why I have had so many problems switching this other band over to this new system with the PA12. The old system with the dual MOTUs and SW8 works fine, and we have never had any issues like this with the AB switchover tone, or any of the crazy dropouts, or the redundancy not syncing up properly, but the main reason we switched to this system was so we could have a much lighter playback setup for fly dates. 

    I hope we can find an answer to these issues, because I am running out of things to trouble shoot and I am now deeply concerned about the reliability of these units. I know a lot of people are usinh them every day without issue, that is why I switched over in the first place. I have been using iConnectivety products for our MIDI needs, and I would really love for the PA12 to be a part of our live show. 
  • edited June 2018
    Sounds good, however, where is the link for the files?

    The link doesn't exactly provide clear instructions on how to download or what to download what is on the iconnectivity support page.
  • They are all linked at the bottom of that article now. Don't know why they weren't there before...
  • They were not there before. Thank you.
  • Do you have the file for T2000? I wasn't having much luck with the lower numbers so I went ahead and tried the T4000, but the switchover was kinda slow. Hoping for something in-between.
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