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Mio4 - Midi Program Change Rerouting?

I recently purchased a Mio4 and I was hoping that I could program the iConnectivity iConfig software to convert a program change message from my Line 6 pedal board to my VoiceLive 3 vocal processor.  The one limitation of the Line 6 POD500HDX is that preset program changes are not programmable, thus bank 1/preset 1 tells my VoiceLive 3 to go to patch #1.  (Bank 2/Preset 1 changes my VoiceLive3 to patch # 65 as I have 64 presets for each Bank)  I was hoping that I could have the Mio4 translate any Line 6 preset (program change) to a different VoiceLive 3 preset location other than the correlating preset, but it appears as if it cannot handle this programming request from what I can tell.  Can anybody tell me if the Mio4/iConfig Software can or cannot handle this request?  And if not, what product might be able to handle this function? 

Here's a little bit more info on what I'm trying to accomplish.  I really only need to utilize about 10 VoiceLive Presets.  I utilize 3 banks (sets) of 64 presets on my Line 6 POD500HDX or 192 different presets through out a live performance. (I also use my Line 6 Midi to change DMX Light Scenes.)  For 90 % of the Line 6 POD500HDX presets I just want to utilize one "generic vocal patch" and then utilizing specific patches for the other 10% of my patches.  So, I literally want to point about 180 of my Line 6 guitar patches back to 1 single Voice Live patch versus having to set up 192 correlating individual duplicate VoiceLive3 Patches. 

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

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