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Cannot record iPad audio into Audition, or anything!

I've been through the manual, checked the routing 100 times, been stuck here for months...
All I want to do is record sounds from my iPad into Audition, or Fruity Loops. (preferably audition) I have it connected via the usb cable (USB1), and that is routed to the analogue mixer. At the Audition end the correct device is selected. But every time I can't get any sound. I have a loop playing from the ipad for testing, and that is coming out of the speakers, which are connected to the iConnectivity, so I know the audio is going at least as far as that....

Would greatly appreciate advice, as I am really getting frustrated!


  • edited June 2018
    1. Install Auracle
    2. Plug your computer into USB1 and your iPad into USB2
    3. Run the Setup Wizard
    That should be it. See the Auracle User Guide chapter on using more than one computer device for details:

    Using more than one computing device with Auracle

    Most users should find Auracle to be remarkably simple and straightforward, because  it hides a great deal of its routing complexity under the hood. However if you are using 2 computers, or one computer and an iOS device, things get slightly more complex. In most cases (except for the PA12) Auracle will ask you which is your primary Digital Audio Workstation computer and assume that you will be doing most of your recording on that. Your secondary computer or iOS device can still be used and audio and MIDI signals will be automatically routed between your two computing devices.

    You can route audio to from one computing device to another using the virtual output channels on your DAW / audio app:

    • Outputs 1&2 from the Primary DAW are always routed to the Analog Outputs of your interface

    • Outputs 3&4 from the Primary DAW are routed into the Secondary computer / iOS device

    • If you are using an iConnectAUDIO2+, Outputs 1&2 from the Secondary computer / iOS device are routed back to Inputs 3&4 on your Primary DAW

    • If you are using an iConnectAUDIO4+, Outputs 1&2 from the Secondary computer / iOS device are routed back to Inputs 5&6 on your Primary DAW

    MIDI is always wired up automatically.

    Example: you have your DAW running on your main computer on USB1 and you want to send MIDI data to a virtual synth on your iPad connected to USB2, and then send audio back from the iPad synth to your computer.

    1. In your DAW, select a MIDI track

    2. Select your DAW’s list of possible MIDI outputs on that track

    3. You will see 16 virtual MIDI ports on USB2 - pick USB2 Port 1

    4. In your iPad, ensure that your synth app is listening for MIDI Input

    5. In your iPad audio will normally be automatically directed from your app to your iConnectivity interface. If it does give you a choice of audio outputs pick USB1 1&2

    6. In your DAW, create a new stereo audio track

      1. If you are using an iConnectAUDIO2+ set the track’s audio input to be Inputs 3&4

      2. If you are using an iConnectAUDIO4+ set the track’s audio input to be Inputs 5&6

    7. Now when you press play, MIDI will be sent from your main computer to your iPad and audio will be sent back from the iPad to your DAW

  • Thanks! I’ll give it a try when I get home.
  • Thank you so much!!! I can’t remember anywhere on the documentation where it even mentioned channels 5&6, so a big thanks for that. I had almost given up hope...!
  • That stuff I posted IS from the documentation. Read more carefully next time ;-)

    Really glad it's working for you now!
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