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Audio4+ Window 10 ASIO driver noise bug

edited June 2018 in Audio
Hello, after I update Window 10 Build 1803 recently,
I have the new noises with Audio4+ Window Core ASIO driver.

The noises sound like kinds of paper crumble sounds. 

When I hear the sound test with Auracle setup wizard, the sound is clear.

However when I listen the youtube, daw programs, etc with window related programs except Auracle sound test,
then I got mass of noises.

FYI, I installed Auracle 1.02 and Audio4+ 4.43.0 driver.

Please help me to fix it.
Thank you. 


  • Sounds like you might need to raise the buffer size in the iConnectivity driver control panel, or put it into Safe Mode if it isn't already. Play around with the settings and listen carefully to see at what setting the sounds are eliminated. Also ensure your interface is plugged directly into the computer, not into a USB hub.

    You might find some of these Windows optimisation tips useful as well:
  • edited June 2018
    Ah.. Now, I changed the computer connected USB line from USB1 to USB2 port of Audio4+ Unit and it has no noise right now.
    (In Auracle DAW Master and Interface Unit, the USB2 is the default for computer?)

    It seems all good right now.
    Let me test more with few rebooting.

    Thanks for the answer.
  • In Auracle you can choose either USB port in the Setup DAW window. It should be the same either way. But if it's working now, let's go with that :-)
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