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Issues with 'MIDI Info' 'Reserved' feature

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How does iConfig build its dropdown list of devices to select for the 'Reserved' column in the 'USB Host Jack 1' Table of the 'MIDI Info' screen?

Is this facility meant to create a persistent binding between a particular device and a Port 'Name' (and thereby numerical Port identifier)? i.e., If I select a given device from the 'Reserved' dropdown for the row n, then every time I plug that device in, it will come up on 'Port n', with Name 'HSTn'*?

*with the fact that these Port 'Names' may be renamed out of the discussion for the moment.

I am experiencing two problems with this facility. Please see attached screen shot*:

*OK - the 'attach file facility of this website does not work for me. Grab the screen shot here: image


In Port row 1, please note the device 'ID: FC08 USB MIDI interf (Port 1)'. Also note that this device does not appear in the 'Reserved' dropdown list.

My naive assumption is that any compliant device connected should appear this list. Is this assumption correct?

By compliant, my understanding is that this would be any USB MIDI class-compliant device - is this correct?

OK, this is an el-cheapo eBay import special 'line lump' MIDI IF. Accordingly, it may not be truly class-compliant. However, I have not before had reason to suspect that it be fully class-compliant - it has always 'just worked'. Plus, there is a fully definitive text string ('ID: FC08 USB MIDI interf (Port 1)') in the 'Connected Device' column for this device. Why is this not seen in the 'Reserved' dropdown.

Would the iConnectivity 1x1 USB/Lightning MIDI IF resolve this problem?

2) Last night, I (thought I) 'Reserved' the 'Port' 8 - 'Name' HST8 row to my 'Novation DMS ReMOTE SL Compa (Port 1)'. But this morning, the association was gone, and that 'Port 8' - 'Reserved' cell read just 'None'. What did I do wrong?

4th Gen iPad
iOS 8.3

iConfig Mac 4.1.0
HW 1.0
FW 1.0.6


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    Yes, you are correct at what the reserve feature is doing - saving the assignment selections so you don't have to worry about plugging hardware in the same order or needing to reassign after unplugging.

    Yes, the 'Host Jack' supports class compliant USB-MIDI devices only. If the hardware requires a special driver from the manufacture, most likely it will not work. If you believe the MIDI hardware is truly class compliant you can send me the link to the product page. I can also send you a utility that will pull the profile of the USB device for the dev team to check out.

    Also, it looks like the novation remote SL controller also has a driver on the Novation website - so that may be the issue with that controller as well.

    Let me know if you have any other questions,
  • I doubt a driver exists for this IF. As I mentioned, it is a no-name eBay special. I'd be happy to run a USB trace utility against it if you think it might provide useful data. What fields are used to identify the device - the iManufacturer, iProduct, and iSerialNumber string descriptors from the Device Descriptor?

    I'll grab the Novation driver. I've not needed it before, but there's always the possibility.

    If this 1x1 IF is beyond redemption, can I use either the iConnectMIDI1 or the mio in this application, and expect to be able to pin it to a given port?
  • edited May 2015
    Yeah, you can use either of our products listed on the 'Host Jack' since they do not require special drivers from us - they are class compliant.

    There is a chance the Novation will not work do to it needing a special driver, but you can always try. If it is not performing or acting strange when reserving, it may be related to your driver support since the 'Host Jack' requires class compliant USB-MIDI.

    For the class compliant MIDI I/O device from eBay, you can use this utility to provide our team with the information needed:
    You can email me the results along with the link to the product page via jsandeen(at)

  • Info emailed. Let me know what your team concludes.
  • Appreciate it Joe.
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