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Configure Audio2+ DIN-Out as MIDI Thru?

I have a couple of Audio2+, one of which is used in a simple application connected only to an iPad, which is receiving MIDI from the Audio2+ DIN-In.  Is it possible to configure the Audio2+ to echo all incoming MIDI traffic on DIN-In to DIN-Out (thus like a MIDI Thru) using Auracle?  Or some other method other than iConfig (which rarely works for me)?


  • Sure, that should be trivial with Auracle.
  • Thanks Rodney... can you provide some guidance on how to do this with Auracle? When connected (via Win10 PC) and selecting the option to configure MIDI it wasn't apparent to me how to do this.
  • I've poked all through Auracle, tried the wizard, tried manual config steps, etc. and I still don't see a way of configuring DIN-Out to echo DIN-In MIDI (like a thru).  (The only DIN choices I'm provided are check boxes for In and Out, respectively.)  Can you please guide me on the process?
  • In case someone else searches for a solution:  I've learned through IC support that the current version of Auracle has an issue that prevents it from configuring the Audio2+ DIN MIDI Out to echo DIN MIDI In.  This will likely be addressed in a future Auracle release, but until then a workaround is to use iConfig (which I used without issue on a Win10 PC) in the following way:

    Select the ‘MIDI Port Routing’ tab. 
    Select ‘DIN’ in the bottom left.
    Selected ‘DIN’ on the right (next to ‘DIN Jack 1’) so this option is grayed/enabled.

    Now DIN MIDI Out will behave like a MIDI Thru for DIN MIDI In.
  • Yeah, don't know how that bug crept in, but it's top of the list to be fixed in the next version! Sorry about that!
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