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PA12 fallover on logic start??


I'm experiencing the following.
When using the PA12 with logic pro X(10.4) and i want to use it with the failover option.
i enable lifesine as insert on a instrument track, route it to the desired output(13-14), the led starts blinking, all ready to go.
Then when i press play in logic (space bar or play button in transport controls) it instantly switches to scene B?
it seems that the failover from scene A to B is triggered by the play command...maybe by some sort of buffering when the play command is executed is interrupting the lifesine signal which triggers the failover to scene B
Anyone can advise on this?


  • This is a known bug in Logic. We have a special SysEx file which you can load that tweaks the PA12 to ignore this Logic bug (though it slows down failover switching slightly). Please contact support and they will send it to you. I guess we should make that available for public download as well, since we have quite a few people using Logic with the PA12...
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