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Using the Control In on PlayAudio12


I'm trying to use a footswitch plugged into the Control In as the trigger to start and stop the tracks on Abelton.  The website says the Control In can be used as a user assignable switch, but I can't for the life of me figure out how! Any insight? Thanks!


  • Then the web site is incorrect. The Control In can only be used to trigger failover. Can you post the link to that page so I can get it fixed?
  • edited June 2018
     It says "2 button “Control In” footswitch input allows manual computer switching and/or user-assignable controls."  
    It shows it here:

    And the user manual itself says it right under key features: "Control In footswitch input that allows for manual computer switching and/or user-assignable controls."

    But I think I understand now that that doesn’t mean midi assignable. That’s ok. I I have an extra midi in on my rig I can use. Very confused there for a while though. 

  • Yeah, I can believe it. We should change that text. Sorry for the confusion!
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