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Usb controllers on 2 differents computers.

Hi guys!
I will play some nice gigs these summer and i'm starting thinking about the midi setup.
I need to have all my usb/midi controllers (1 akai master keyboard, 1 novation launchpad and 2 eventide stompboxes) on 2 differents Mac mini  (with all the vst sounds and backing tracks). i need also 2 midi in/out ports for other devices and program change
It's possible with the Mio10 interface? How can i do it?


  • What you describe should be possible on either a mio10 or mio4 plus a USB hub. However until we know the exact setup you are planning I can't guarantee it.
  • Basically I have two mac mini running the same ableton live's session with 20 songs(one master and one for backup).. I recall every song with a novation launchpad(usb) and play some vst with an akai max49 masterkeyboard(usb).. also have two eventide stompboxes connected via usb that received program  Change.
    i need to duplicate the signal from my usb devices on the backup Mac.. so, if I recall a song with the launchpad or play some notes with the akai.. both computers are able to receive the same command..
    is it possible ? Thank you !

  • Yeah, should work right out of the box.
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