'Audio Configuration' - tradeoffs for 24-bit?

So the iConfig 'Audio Info' tab contains an 'Audio configuration' setting, which allows one to select the word length and sample rate of the audio subsystem. The iConnectMIDI4+ also has a similar feature, but IIRC, any 24-bit setting resulted in a significant limitation (channel count dropped IIRC). From the table in the iCA4+ manual, this limitation does not exist - I see no drawback to employing my preferred config of 44.1KHz/24-bit. Looks like the channel counts remain the same, as well as other parameters.

There is a statement in the manual about "This defaults to the CD- standard 16-bit/44100Hz setting to ensure compatibility with all iOS software." Is there a description anywhere of what software might be affected by changing to 44.1/24? Would the upper 8 bits not just be truncated (or preferentially dithered) into any SW that is limited to 44.1/16? And the upper 8 bits just set to 0b on the way out of such SW?


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    Hey Joe,

    You can check out page 28 of the (current) manual to see the chart on how the sample and bit rate selection affect possible routing configurations:
    (Which it seems you have checked out)

    You may have limitations on the iOS side if the app only allows "X" inputs or outputs. Otherwise you would see your iConnectAUDIO4+ as a 6X6 sound card.

    You would want to make sure that your bits and samples match up to avoid pitch and speed changes or sample drop outs. When dealing with multiple iOS apps, you may want to use 44.1/16bit.

    Let me know if you were seeing something strange in your app or DAW.
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