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PlayAUDIO12 and headphones out

I just bought a PlayAUDIO12, installed Auracle 1.2 and flashed the item with the newest firmware.
No problem with a Macbook Pro (OS10.12.6) and Pro Tools (2018.4), the software finds all the outputs.
The only issue is that the HP stereo out seems to be mono.
Someone already experienced that?
Thank you by advance.
Best regards from Paris, France,


  • That's weird... should be stereo. Let me check that and get back to you.
  • We have retested that here and it seems fine. Are you sure you have set it to be Stereo in Auracle?
  • I already answered Rodney directly, but for everyone else: I installed everything with Auracle, it looked weird. I tried again with iConfig and it was then like a fairy tale.
    No more issue, and the best live interface in the world.
    Bravo everyone at iConnectivity!
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