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Mackie Control 5 pin Midi and 3 extenders

I'm hoping someone out there has had a similar problem. I bought the Mio10 with the anticipation it would take the place of my Midex8 which was used for controlling NUENDO/CUBASE with the Mackie Control and extenders. It seem to work out of the box then the controllers started responding very strange. If I moved fader one it would also move the first fader on each extender and the master unit. or from a set up point of view movement of fader 1 track 1would move fader 9 track 9, fader 17 track 17,  and fader 25 track 25. Pretty sure I set things up correctly in NUENDO etc. Since I'm a newbe with the Mio10 any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I think this will be a great unit once I get the controllers sorted out. I have lots of MIDI gear old and new plus a slave PC for samples. It  would be awesome to have them all work through the Mio10...

 For reference USB from Mio10 to PC Window 7 DAW NUENDO, DIN 5 pin in and out 1,2,3,4 to Mackie Control and 3 extenders total of 32 fader plus master fader

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