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IConfig IOS 11.4 issues

Hey guys,

I‘m owning a audio 4+ since 5 days. Setting it up with an Ipad and a Windows 10 PC worked fine and setting up the Iconfig program on the PC was also no problem. I‘ve just found out, that the Iconfig app in IOS 11.4 isn‘t working properly. I get a connection to my audio 4+ but after clicking at for example the audio patchbay it crashes. (connectivity or connection issues) I tried both apps in the AppStore and Iconfig in Windows 10 works fine too. Any help or ideas how to solve the problem?

Thanks for any help! 


  • C'mon Rodney, wassup???

    We do check each iOS update as early as we can, and we aim to inform you guys if there are any issues found. If we say nothing that usually means that we haven't found any problems (yet).

    Yeah, after typing that I realise that isn't the best solution. We will try to inform you more often. Good call."

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