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Can't log in

I have an account with my iConnectivity devices registered.  For some reason I can't log in. I click "Forgot Password" and never get an email.  I tried getting help from tech support, but never got a response. I had to create this login just so I could post something.

I'm posting this here in hope that someone like Rodney will see and help with this.

And did the host port/no device found bug on my iConnectAudio 2+ ever get fixed?


  • edited June 2018
    That's weird. PM me the email address you used to contact tech support and I'll have them check it out.

    There is no USB-MIDI Host Port on the iCA2+, so I'm a bit baffled by that bug question - can you give us more details?
  • Sorry, I misspoke. I meant the USB iPad port.  If I plug my iPad 2 running ios 9 into this port, the the iconfig for audio app can find the device and setup the ICA2+.  If I plug in my iPad Pro running ios 11, this app can't find any device.  That's what I meant

  • We have had several similar reports. Apple appear to have invisibly changed something to do with the way they recognise external devices in iOS 10 and 11, so devices running those systems (especially iPad Pros) can have trouble being recognised. In most case it seems to work - all of the ones we have in-house work fine - but enough users have reported this that we know it's an issue. Unfortunately we have no idea what exactly causes it or how to fix it :-(

    Are you using an original Apple Lightning cable? In some cases we have noticed that using third-party Lightning cables can cause problems.
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