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Icoonectivity Asio Driver disonnects form Cubase Pro 9.5

edited July 2018 in Audio
After restarting everything, firstly keyboards, then Audio² and Mio4, then PC, then starting Auracle(1.21), then manually starting Iconnectivity Asio driver and then Cubase I do get Audio on output 5+6, everything is fine. Then after several minutes Keyboard on DIN and Audio in 5-6 disappear and Cubase switches to another Asio driver. Restarting cubase does not help, need to restart everything.
Which Asio driver do you recommend?
And after crashing,once I restart Audio², Auracle won´t restart until the computer gets restarted.


  • That sounds like the power might be getting interrupted and/or some kind of firmware corruption. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed, and try using an external power adapter to see if that helps. If not, contact support.
  • All USB are powered by external sources, including MIoand Audio interface. All Iconnectivity interfaces are on newest driver/soft.
    Meanwhile I figurerd out that MPK261 works better while not using Mio4. Seems useless.
  • In that case, it might be a hardware fault. Please contact support directly and they will help you troubleshoot in detail.
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