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Some apps are randomly changing their output to max

edited June 2015 in MIDI
Well, animoog has been flawless (YaY), but I've had others crash just on me when used with/though the iCM4+

lately, arturia's iSEM and iProphet (another 2 of my fav's) have been randomly changing their output to max... thus causing clipping.
Never happens with animoog.. and I'm almost always using just my ableton push to control the apps when it does happen.

I'm guessing the fix would be in midi filtering in iconfig???


  • Are you using the latest versions of all of their apps?

    Are you using external MIDI hardware with this setup as well? If so, do the apps max the audio when external MIDI hardware is not being use - only connected to your iConnectMIDI4+? Also, what kind of MIDI messages are you sending to and from the iOS device?

  • Did you get this all figured out @wildaudio?

    I hope all is well. Let us know otherwise.
  • no.. not figured it out yet.
    I'm sure it's something else connected sending a midi message or maybe my DAW. :-/
    When I have time I'll unplug things one at a time to see if I cam find the source.
  • Yeah, that would help find the source for sure - or at least give you an idea of what's not the cause ;)

    Let us know what you find out.
  • lol... it wasn't that hard to figure out in the end.
    Discovered it's the volume knob of my Mopho sending the message.
    Rather then trying to filter it, I working with it.
    Now I know what's doing it, I'm finding it kinda happy.
  • Good to hear. Thanks for the update!
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