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Auracle no longer opening after crashing many times before.

Hi Rodney, my name is Carlyle   I purchased a mio10 and installed Auracle as the software and updated the Firmwre.  I am using the Korg Kronos 2 with I/O Midi at No 1, A Yamaha Motif Rack Module with I/O set to Midi 2, a Roland Integra 7 Rack Module set to Midi 3,  a Casio Wk-3500 keyboard with I/O set to Midi 4,  A Studiologic Sl-880 Midi Controller which has two Midi OUTS but no Midi IN.  One Midi OUT of this keyboard is connected to the no. 5 Midi IN and the other Midio OUT is connected to no 6 Midi IN.  At first it seemed to work ok with the exception of the Auracle software crashing repeatedly.  Then I started having a problem that when I clicked on the Auralce Icon or Right click on the Icon and clicked Open, the software would not open.  I decided to see if I was having a problem with my connected devices so then I disconnected all Midi cables plugged in to the mio10 with the exception of the In and Out at Midi 1 which is connected to my Korg Kronos 2.  I observed the indicator lights for the Midi IN and OUT were lit but I also noted that the light at Midi 4 OUT was also on despite nothing was connected to it.  I then uninstalled Auracle and re-installed it but I could not get the software to Open.  I again uninstalled it and installed iConfig but an error  came up stating Communication Problem so I was unable to fully install iConfig.  I figured maybe I ought to reset mio10 to factory setting.  I am unable to do so as I am not able to open Auracle and iConfig seems to be unable to complete  Installation.  I'm hung up and don't know how to get beyond this point. I am using Windows 10.  Midi 5 via my Studiologic Sl-880 Midi controller is set up to connect o the Yamaha Motif Rack and Midi 6 via my Studiologic SL-880 Midi Controller is connected to my Roland Integra 7 Rack. My DAW is Ableton Live 9.with Focusrite 18i20 Audio Interface.


  • First make sure you are using the latest Windows Unified Driver, that solves a lot of the problems some people were reporting with Windows. And of course ensure you have the latest version of Auracle too, which currently is 1.21. Most of our Windows users are reporting that it is very stable, so these frequent crashes are strange.

    If that still doesn't help I suggest sending in a support ticket with this information, and we can get you individual support that way.
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