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Auracle 1.22 now available

Auracle 1.22 for Windows & Mac OS is now available from

Release Notes:


  • Fixed direct routing from DIN In to same DIN Out

  • The UI now completely fits at resolutions as low as 800x600

  • Interfaces can be reset to factory defaults. (Select Device -> Gear icon at the right top)

  • Auracle detects if the device is connected to the correct USB port before starting a firmware update

  • Help links to online manual

  • Now supports firmware updating of mio and MIDI1 interfaces


  • Fixed crash on start-up (macOS)

  • Support for new MIDI routing defaults in firmware version 2.0.2 and higher for mio4, mio10 and iConnectMIDI4+

  • Fixed issue with routing defaults in firmware version 2.0.3 and higher for PlayAUDIO12


  • Automatic firmware update check and simplified upgrade procedure

  • Prevent installation on unsupported systems (macOS older than 10.10)

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