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Auracle 1.2.2 crashes frequently

Hi there,

I‘m using an Audio4+ on a Windows 7 system, using DAWs like Cubase, Ableton and Bitwig, regardless:

* If I start the DAW before Auracle, Auracle crashes immediately (standard Windows „... is not working anymore“ dialog). 
* If I start the Auracle before the DAW, it is only a matter of time (seconds, minutes) before Auracle crashes the same way

Sadly, this is consistent. I had the same problems with iConfig, then your support told me that I should wait for Auracle. The first versions of Auracle have been buggy in its own way, but at least I had a running control software, IF I started it before the DAW. That is no more. ...

Auracle Version: 1.2.2
Unified USB driver version: 4.47.0

What can I do now?


  • Working perfectly on my Windows 10 system, and on every other system we have tested so far... but we will try to replicate this and see what's going on.
  • I think, it‘s got something to do with USB—MIDI. Auracla immediately crashes, if I connect or disconnect some MIDI device per USB. I use:
    * a Linnstrument
    * an XKey keyboard
    * a Behringer X Touch One DAW controller, which effectively emulates a Mackie Control compatible MIDI device

    All those will immediately crash Auracle on disconnect/connect.
    Maybe this is also the reason, why I never was able to start Auracle after Cubase or Ableton, because they also use the Computer‘s MIDI bus.

    Can I provide some more info to you? Log files, Windows events or the like?
  • Just tested hot unplugging and replugging on my Windows 10 box, works perfectly. Will check Windows 7 later. In general, unless you have a really important reason for using Windows 7 I'd recommend upgrading to Windows 10. It's a free upgrade and it's a lot more stable for music-related things.
  • Well ... as I have passed the "update for free" period for Windows 10 a long time ago, I must presume it is *not* free for me to upgrade.

    Nevertheless - I am running two Windows 7 installations for years with good performance. Other sound devices are running perfectly. All software is installed, running perfectly. I do only rarely connect to the internet with them, I have all network devices disabled for most of the time. Security problems is not an issue.
    Personally I would like to keep my Windows installations as they are. The fact that other sound devices (and their config software) are running flawless tells me, that this is not a Windows 7 problem at all.

    As I said: is there a possibility to help you with troubleshooting? Maybe you can give me some debug version of Auracle with enhanced logging to help you find your bugs.
  • Well ... as I have passed the "update for free" period for Windows 10 a long time ago, I must presume it is *not* free for me to upgrade.

    That's a common misconception - you probably still can, completely legally. Read this:

    But back to Windows 7: we have tested this and there does seem to be a problem with Win 7 and Auracle 1.22, as you report. We are working on a fix.
  • Thanks for the info - I am considering one of my machines to migrate to Win 10, maybe it works.
    But it still would be nice to get a bugfix for Win 7, too :-)
  • Hello. It's me again.

    I bought a brand new notebook. Pretty much top of shelf. Running Windows 10. Downloaded and installed iConnectivity USB drivers and Auracle (1.3.2).
    Auracle installer release note says: "fixed crash on start up (Windows)".
    Well guess what ... it is not fixed.
    It simply does not start.
    I can see it pop up in task manager, then it disappears. No UI at all. Nothing.

    Auracle installer release notes also say: "we do write log files at %LocalAppData%/iConnectivity...".
    Well, it does not. No log files.
    But I see a folder "CrashDumps" in my LocalAppData folder, and see, there are a lot of "Auracle.exe.XXX.dmp"-Files. Those are binary, I can not get something out of it.

    Maybe you can.

  • Well, damn, it was fixed in every machine we tested. Sigh.

    OK, back to the drawing board. Thanks for the crash dumps, let's see if we can figure this out.
  • If it helps - it is a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme. I can provide you more details of the hardware constellation if needed, just ask what you want to know. Also there are morde crash dumps (I think one for every time I tried Auracle). I can provide them, if needed.
  • Yes, please send crash dumps! Those can be very useful.
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