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Need some help with Multiple Hardware sequencers including an iMac and Outboard Synth/Modular Midi.

Hey all.....

Hopefully you can help me wrap my head around the best way to go forward and what I require with regards to midi interfaces.

Firstly lets start with the gear so you know what we are looking at.....

Ok, so....

I have a couple of sequencers that I would like to use in a dawless setup, but I also tend to record midi/audio in to Ableton. One certain group of items I will be mounting to a board that I can take out live with me, so in one way I want it self contained, but would also like to easily reconnect this back into the whole setup when I am not out jamming or playing.

Akai MPC Live
Beatstep Pro
Macbook Pro (Running Traktor/Maschine)

Roland SH101 (Midi available but will be using CV/Gate on the rare occasion)
Moog Sub37
Korg Minilogue
Novation Bass Station 2
Roland SH-01a
Roland TB-03
Roland JP-08
Roland TR8
Behringer Deepmind 12
Korg Arp Odyssey
Roland Juno 60 (Midi available, but will be getting DCB to midi interface at some point)
Behringer Model D
Moog Mother 32
Make Noise 0-coast

Akai S950
Akai S3000

Plus a modular case....Yarns for Midi to CV, normally connected to Digitakt as they are close to eachother and the Digitakt (plus beatstep) are what I normally use in that contained setup.

Midi Controller Keyboard...
Novation Impulse 49


Strymon Bigsky
Strymon Timeline
Korg Kaoss pad3
(also have other effects but those don't have midi, so no need for program change messages)

Midi interfaces...
Alyseum u3-88c
Kenton Midi Thru 5

I will be using plugins in the DAW, but only when recording at home, don't really want to take a laptop/desktop when jamming/playing live.

1. Start track on MPC Live (or any other sequencer including iMac/Ableton),
    Record all midi info in to the mpc live for all connected synths/modular.
    Use the Controller keyboard in this setup on times for things that I don't do on the pads of the MPC Live.
    Have the option to record the midi out of all of the synths (that have midi out) as on times I will be playing the synths own keyboard and adjusting parameters which I would like to record too. This would also send out sync/clock to all the other sequencers which would become slaves.... even the iMac/Macbook pro if I wanted to run ableton or Traktor/Maschine along with.

2. As above, only I start on one sequencer as master, but then decide to switch to another and make the initial sequencer a slave instead.

3. I will be, on times, taking some equipment out for jamming/live, in fact, two separate setups (one with synths, other with modular synths).

Setup a....
1st setup will be MPC Live & Digitakt, plus Roland SH-01a, Roland TB-03, Strymon Bigsky and Timeline, Kaoss Pad Pro 3 (will also be removing the Deepmind 12 and Sub37 from the rack to take with me in this setup. 

Setup b....
Digitakt, Beatstep Pro, Modular (Beatstep Pro as master sending cv & midi to some modular, Digitakt as slave sending midi from digitakt to Yarns.

Currently the Digitakt, Beatstep Pro, Mother32, Model D, 0-Coast and modular are all on the opposite side of the room to everything else.
This is also true of my turntables and MPC2000xl/Maschine which are the other wall lol. I will see if I can do a basic layout of the room so you can see roughly where things are situated in the room as I have a feeling I would likely need multiple interfaces and have them sync'd via a network or other means.

Haha, hope that is enough info, I am finding it hard to describe exactly what I would like to do, but I do know that I would definitely like to have options, such as to not only use the controller keyboard to play anything and everything in the room, but to also be able to play anything and everything in the room with their own onboard keyboards or internal sequencers (some of the sequencers have capabilities that make building patterns very easy internally, so receiving midi from those to record for later in any of the sequencers, for further development, is a big plus). Obviously allowing me to also record the automation to any of the sequencers and have it all sync'd, locked in when I play back.

Hopefully ya'll iConnectian's can help me out, my head is about to explode lol.


  • I'd recommend several mio4 interfaces, connected to your computer and to each other, via Ethernet. Each mio4 Ethernet connection has 4 virtual MIDI ports you can access. You can configure them with the computer at home, and they will remember their configuration when you take them out live without the computer.

    There's a new function in Auracle 1.3 (currently in beta testing) which will help considerably in this.
  • Yeah, I was considering picking up a Mio10, and two Mio4's. Main reason being is that most of the synths are racked up on one side of the room, the modular and a few other bits on the other side of the room and my decks/macbook and mpc2000xl on the other side lol.

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