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Auracle 1.3 Public Beta released!

Auracle 1.3 is now available for download. We are calling this a Public Beta because it contains some completely new functionality which we are still developing, and which still needs to be fully tested in the field. However we have done extensive testing in-house and are satisfied that many people will find it useful.

Added in this release is our new RTP-MIDI Manager page, which is enabled for any iConnectivity interface with an Ethernet port. This allows you to connect any of our Ethernet-capable interfaces directly to each other and send MIDI data between them. So for example you can play a keyboard that is plugged into one interface and have the MIDI sent directly to a synth module that is connected to a completely different interface at the other side of the stage or studio. These Ethernet connections will also be remembered even after you unplug your computer, making it a great choice for people using hardware sequencers live. It's also a great solution for people using the PlayAUDIO12 for failover live.

If you haven't tried sending MIDI over Ethernet yet we highly advise giving it a try, it's pretty amazing :-)

Release Notes

Version 1.3.0

  • RTP MIDI Manager to add and remove MIDI-over-Ethernet connections between iConnectivity interfaces

Note the following known issues related to RTP MIDI Manager:

  • In some cases the list of responder devices won’t finish loading, preventing you from establishing any new connections.
  • Canceling an established connection can crash Auracle under certain circumstances

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