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iConnectMIDI2+ shuts off audio on iPad 2017

As soon as I connect  the USB-Lightning cable from the midi interface to the iPad
the sound is turned off and I can´t use volume up/down on the iPad.
Is this somehow dependent on how much juice there is in the power supply?
The specification for the PSU is 6V/3A. I have a PSU of 6V/1.5A, is that the culprit?


  • Found a solution deep down in reviews (9th page..) reg. iConnectMIDI2+ on
    In iConfig\Audio info>  uncheck the USB1 IOS and PC/MAC boxes, and reflash & reboot the unit. WORKS!
    However - iConfig only detects the interface when iConnectMIDI2+ is forced to reboot - and it doesn´t always succeed in detecting the interface, I have to repeat the reboot several times.
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