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Can Audio4+ mic channel be the audio source when recording a video on iOS?

Can Audio4+ mic channel be the audio source when recording a video on iOS? I can't seem to find a way to do this. Truthfully, the ultimate goal of this inquiry is to figure out a way to use Audio4+ to capture audio, while streaming a live video feed to Facebook Live using my iPhone.


  • Yes, that should work fine. You might been to do a little configuration of it beforehand with a computer, but once you have it set up it should stream with just a phone.
  • I'm not having any luck. For the sake of troubleshooting, I'm just going to focus on getting Apple's default camera app working with Audio4+. I tried both iConfig and Auracle but I can't seem to get a configuration that works so that when I record video via the Camera app, audio is captured from a mic on input 1 of the Audio 4+.

    Audio4+ seems to be working, otherwise. For instance I can successfully record from mic input 1 into Garageband on ios and then have it play back just fine.

    Rodney, do you have a proven configuration you can suggest so that I can get this done? I'd be interested in hearing how you would configure you Audio4+ for this.

    Currently running latest everything:

    iPhone 7:  iOS 11.4.1
    iMac: High Sierra 10.13.4
    Audio+ firmware: 2.0.3
  • Hi zephtragic yes this is easily done, but you have not been clear what app your using on iOS?
    The iCA4+ becomes the default audio device when its plugged into the iphone, so as long as the app you are using uses the default audio device rather than overriding to the built in mic then your fine.
    If your using something like FiLMic Pro where you can select the input, even better.

    Here's an example you can adapt for your needs ...

    In iConfig, you will need to create an additional mixer to turn that mono signal into stereo.
    Make sure you have added a mixer on the Audio Info page, with four inputs and two outputs

    Open the Audio Patchbay and route the four mic sources to the four mixer destinations, then route the two mixer sources to the two usb destinations.
    Something like this would work ...

  • You don't need to do any of that. Just run Auracle, select the iPad connection as your primary DAW and you're pretty much done.
  • ah nice, I checked it out the other day for the first time, looks real nice, doesn't quite have the features I need yet so I didn't do much with it, its taken me 2 years and a ton of notes to get my head around iConfig so looking forward to when it does :)
  • What features are you missing?
  • I am a live electronic musician based in the UK, I use two iPads ... fixing computers is my day job, I stay away from them with making music and I don't have a PC in the studio room.
    The configuration I use 80% of the time is below, USB1 is the master running various apps, USB2 has Quantiloop looper running it also sends a SYNC pulse to Korg Volcas and Pocket Operators. And the USB1 mixer allows me to record 'what I am hearing' on USB1. I use a foot pedal and transport controller along with multiple midi input devices, it works great having used it for 10+ solo live gigs now.
    The other 20% of the time are a mixture of configurations to suit purposes from high quality instrument\vocal recording to a mate popping round and bringing his stuff for a jam.
    Unless I am missing something, Auracle cant set that up, its also not available for iOS which is a pain for me.
    I was hoping iConfig might one day get a 'Reason' style interface for routing the wires ... still hoping. 

  • I was hoping iConfig might one day get a 'Reason' style interface for routing the wires ... still hoping.  
    iConfig is End of Life, so it won't be getting any new features added. But I do love the Reason-style routing - I worked with the Propellerheads guys on the original Reason project - so you never know what might happen with future versions of Auracle ;-)
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