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use with other USB Audio/midi interface

I have a MOTU Track 16 as my primary audio interface and I want to know how the USB audio Pass Through feature will work with that set up. If I assign the MOTU as the Audio Device in my DAW how will audio from an iPad connected to the iConnectMIDI4+ be routed to the DAW?


  • edited May 2015
    Hey Jones,

    When using other audio interfaces or soundcards with our hardware you will use ASIO4ALL on Windows or create an Aggregate Device in OSX. This allows your DAW to select one profile, while using all of the inputs and outputs of both interfaces.

    For example, the iConnectMIDI4+ will show up as a 4x4 - which will be the stereo Audio passThru streams to and from the other two computing device connected (since you can connect to a total of three).

    iConnectMIDI2+ would be the simplest way to integrate MIDI and audio to and from your iPad. This interface will show up as a 2X2 sound card when connected to computing devices.

    Let me know if you have any other questions,
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