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RTP Midi between hardware devices?

Let's say I have a small USB midi controller connected to a PlayAudio12 at front of house position.  Is it possible, using RTP to send midi commands directly from the controller to a Mio-10 connected synth on stage?  In other words, could you trigger a sound module on the stage from a controller at the desk?  I understand how to get MIDI from a DAW out to an iConnectivity interface, but is there a workaround for hardware to hardware communication?


  • I believe the latest version of Auracle allows direct communication between iConnectivity interfaces equipped with Ethernet, in which case you could route MIDI signals from a controller connected to one, to a synth connected to the other. I haven't tested it yet and Auracle 1.3 is still in beta
  • timespy is correct, you can do this with Auracle 1.3. It's still marked as beta, but we have many people using it currently without a problem, so I would recommend you try it.
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