Routing of two feeds to OBS Studio

So im trying to figure this out how i can play for instance guitar with backing track and route it to another program, for an example OBS Studio. As i understand when you set the audio4+ in OBS it will play from USB 1 1&2 (granted that you use only one computer). 

- So the setup will be as following. I will play a backing track from a software (for instance spotify, youtube etc). This will go from source USB 1 1&2 in the patch bay to Destination USB 1 1&2. 
- My guitar and microfphone will come from Analogue 1&2, but it seems like i am not allowed to route that to destination USB 1&2

Is there a way i can route both (source) USB 1 1&2 and the Analouge 1&2 to destination USB 1&2 so i can use backint tracks when performing live online?  



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