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help with SysEx for channel remapping: SetMIDIPortRemap

I've been trying to get the sysex command SetMIDIPortRemap working on my mio10. No luck yet.

I'm hoping a midi guru can guide me on what I'm missing:

My working sheet (for calculating checksums) is here: (publicly shared google doc)

I'm using sendmidi on my Mac:

     sendmidi dev "mio10 DIN 1" hex syx 00 01 73 7E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 27 00 07 01 00 01 01 00 3F 09 07

My end goal is to be able to switch the channel mapping on the fly for one of my input ports.

I've also sent a support ticket for guidance.

Thanks very much in advance!


  • Answering my own question for any future person trying to sort this out. My miss was misunderstanding the documentation around the midi messages expected by the mio10. It requires data for the controller remaps as well. Basically, none of the data is optional and requires a largish sysex message to make a change.

    The best way to make this work (as suggested by support) is to capture a sysex read response and tweak that. Unfortunately for me, the size of the required sysex message means I can't easily send this channel remap change from my system.
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