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iConnectAudio4+ Hi-Z inputs related question

I'm thinking about buying the iConnectAudio4+.
My current need is to have 4 inputs for either instruments such as synths , drum machines, etc. or/and for a mixer (currently using a Tascam 464 with 4 RCA outputs)

My questions are ... can we turn off Hi-Z from the 2 Hi-Z inputs from iConnectAudio4+ or if its dedicated ONLY to HI-Z inputs ?
Also can I plug a synth or mixer output into Hi-Z input ? by that i mean, can i connect a low impedance output into a high impedance input.
I understand that the opposite wouldnt work (high impedance into a low impedance).

Thank you for your help !!!



  • The mark 2 version of the iConnectAUDIO4+ allows you to assign all 4 inputs to be Line or Instrument level. We have been shipping that mark 2 version for some months now, so your local store should have it in stock.
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