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Is There any good audio 2++ learning sites on how to use the product ?

edited September 2018 in Audio
Is There any good audio 2++ learning sites  on how to use the product ?


  • One configuration is to use fl studio as daw, ipad i use as a «hardware» synth module. I have no problems record or hear the sound from the ipad touching the ipad soft keyboard, but adding a hardware USB keyboard, i do not manage to send Midi signals to the ipad. I use USB to stream Midi signals. I have no problems playing vst  sound modules from the Midi keyboard. So i beleave is something with the Midi setup in iconfig or daw software. It would be nice to see some  YouTube or website explaning all the Config option in action...iconnectivity audio 2+ Is the most intersting sound card i ever used...when it works. 

    Best regards
    tore gard
  • See the section on Using more then one computing device with Auracle in the Auracle User Guide, which explains this exact setup.
  • Thanks for Your fast response. I may find the Answer in chapter «

    «Using more than one computing device with ....»

  • It works now!

    Here is what I did, that also tell something about the Auracle woodoo software.
    I run on a windows 10 machine,so the sound drivers (or something else) may be more unstable than a Mac. 

    1. A usb hub is plugged into my PC
    2. I plugged my Novation Bass station II and Audio 2+ soundcard to my usb hub. The other end of the Audio2+ cabel must be connect to Mac/PC usb port 1
    3. Connected Ipad to the Audio 2+ 
    4. Start up PC and wait to you know the Audio 2+ is working  
    5. Run the Auracle software and wizard. Choose PC as DAW (not IPAD) and stop wizards at "devices"
    6. Start up FL Studio.
    7. Start up a software synth on the IPAD, choose a midi channel. 
    8. Continue run the device wizard

    In the mixer view I choose  Audio Input 5 - Audio Input 6. I now hear sound coming from the ipad when I hit the software keys from the ipad synth.

    To hear some sound using the hardware keyboard (bassStation), I used the Midi Out pluging to route the incoming midi channel data to a FL Studio port.

    That work for me.
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