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Longer cable length / Standard USB-Lightning cable ok?

for my live setup I want to install the icMidi2+L in my rack, however - I'd need a longer cable to connect it to my iPad Air.
I've seen plenty of Lightning-USB A - cables online, 3m would be good.

My questions:
1. I read here that the iconnect cable contains special electronics to improve the performance.
Is this absolutely necessary? What would be the difference when using a standard one.
I just use the iPad to send simple note On/Off messages to Ableton and receive a midi clock.

2. None of those cables have a USB type B connecter as needed for the icMidi. Can I just use an adapter (type A -> type B)
without problems?

thanks, cheers


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    Hey tobi,

    You can check out the following thread (as this applies to all of our iOS connecting hardware).

    We do not recommend extenders since we cannot guaranty their performance, but there are other users suggesting cables that work for them.
  • Hi, thanks for your answer. I had already seen that thread.
    The only lightning extender cables I find online are 1m.
    I need more, at least 2m, better 3m.

    So: Is it possible to use standard USB extension cables after the lightning?
    iPad -> iconnect lightning cable -> generic usb cable -> iconnectMidi

    What could be problematic? Dropouts? Charging not possible?

    I'm planning my rack setup at the moment and am about to finish a big order, so it would be very good to know before if I can put the iconnectMidi in my rack (that'd be great) or need to put in in front of me next to my laptop.

    thanks and cheers
  • ps: Or: Is it possible to not use your cable at all and go with something like this­ning-Daten­ka­bel-iOS-Update/dp/B00RCXSFFK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432759015&sr=8-1

    plus some USB Type A / B adapter, of course.

  • You will not be able to use adaptors on the USB side.
    The only adaptors we can official support are from Apple - but Apple does not make anything like this to extend iOS connection.
    That is why you will only see third party parts.

    You can try a longer extension on the iOS side, but I could not guaranty the performance as it may not meet the spec of our hardware our possibly Apple's.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns,
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    Hi Js, could you say something about the PS-question please? I do not intend to use lightning extensions (too short) but rather use a different lightning-usb cable instead of the one supplied by IC (with a USB A/B - adapter). I still don't know if the IC cable with the special electronics is actually essential for the whole system to work.
    Of course I know you don't recommend and take responsibility for third party solutions but in my case unfortunately there's no alternative. I think I'm not the only person that likes to have his live gear set up properly in a 19" side rack.

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    Again, I cannot garanty the performance of iOS based cables if they are not ours or Apple's. This is because these cables and adapters were the only ones with consistent performance. Some other brands may give connection issues, or possibly not charge.

    Yes - iConnectivity connection cables are special cables to support our hardware and Apple's - since it's not a standard USB A to USB B connection (like on your computer). You also will not be able to use converters on the USB side.

    Any third-party cables or adapters that are not Apple branded or iConnectivity branded are not recomeded - since we cannot guarantee their performance. You can try at your own risk, if you wish. I can only pass along positive feedback from other users when it comes to third party cables and adaptors, since we do not officially support or test these.

    Hope that helps,
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