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iConnectaudio4+ Hiss/Noise

I have moved house and now I'm getting a lot of hiss/static noise on my monitors from my iCA4+, the hiss is loud enough to turn the speakers on through their autopower function (the speakers are the small Genelec 8010As). Nothing appears on the metering and the noise only goes away when I power the unit down (either with the front button press or by removing the power supply).

I've unplugged everything from the unit except Outs 1 & 2 and the power (e.g. no inputs or USB) and it doesn't resolve the issue. I've ensured the speaker cables are away from power leads and this doesn't fix it. I have also updated the firmware and moved to Auracle instead of iConfig and that didn't fix it either.

I'm not knowledgable in the field but all I can think of to do now is change the power supply but the manual explicits tells me not to do this so i'm stuck.

Any guidance on this is, as always, greatly appreciated :).




  • Is the iCA4+ sitting on or near anything that give it rf? Is it too close to a power supply, speaker, router or anything like that? Is it white noise or more specific?

  • If it's happening since you moved, it's almost certainly related to your house's power supply, but it's odd that it is a hiss. Usually it there are ground loop problems you would hear a hum or pop instead. Very peculiar.
  • Thank you for the responses.

    The sound is white noise/static. This seems to have been incompetent gain staging due to my lack of understanding and has been resolved by flicking the -10dB sensitivity dip switch at the back and sending a louder signal from the ICA4+. Not sure why the speakers hiss at their 0dB level but that is not the concern of the ICA4+ :).
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